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We have compiled a list of frequently
asked questions.

If you have any questions you would like to ask, please contact us from Inquiries.

Q1. How much does the PDLC film cost?
A1. We set the price for square metres (excluding material loss) cut to the specified size from the original roll. In addition, a dedicated controller and construction costs are also required, so please prepare drawings etc. and contact us.
Q2. Can it be applied to existing glass?
A2. Basic installation is possible with existing glass, but it may not be possible depending on the type of glass. Please contact us to explain the current situation.
Q3. Is it possible to handle bathroom glass?
A3. The liquid crystal film has a structure in which several layers of film are stacked. If water drops are applied to the edges, they will absorb water and the liquid crystal will be damaged. It is not suitable for areas around water or places with a lot of condensation.
Q4. How long is the warranty period?
A4. The manufacturer's warranty is one year after construction. After the construction is completed, we will issue a product warranty.
Q5. Can you ship only the materials?
A5. Yes, we also ship only materials if requested, but we cannot accept complaints after construction. Please be sure to check the material and operation when unpacking.
*To our overseas customers
Shipping costs vary depending on the destination, so please contact us first. Our representative will send you a quotation.