Freedom to create a space with instant dimming film


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PDLC instant dimming film that makes frosted glass transparent at the flick of a switch.

Instant dimming film and instant dimming glass utilizing PDLC film

Why install PDLC Crystal Magic Film to your office now

The workspace environment has changed dramatically in recent years. A long time ago, the Japanese office had a strong image of corporate warriors working overtime until late at night. With a pile of paperwork in offices with partitioned steel walls, but this working style was advocated and employees worked. It is now changing to a space that has design and function, is easy to work in, and easy to communicate.
A fully open office with no partitions, greenery all over the place, a meeting room like a family restaurant, and a counter-type cafe in one corner so that you can take a break or have a meeting. (Omit ‘There are also places’)

The merit of such a free and open office is not only that the opinions and exchanges within the company become more active and new ideas are born from them. Also there is no need to change the layout for increases or decreases of staff, or overtime work. Additionally it can assist in the management of employee overtime, because staff can be seen.

Why have you been asked to change your office? Is it related to changes in your commercial distribution?
A long time ago, the mainstream style was for salespeople to go to customers and sell their products, but now you can get all the information about products online and buy them, or you can sell them. This means that the planning style that develops the company's only product and proposes it to more people is more important. One of the reasons why workspace reform has been required is that the “in-house attendance rate” of employees has increased due to such commercial distribution.

In addition, the world is living with COVID-19 these days, and a cleaner indoor environment is required. Magic film works like an electronic curtain or electronic blind without the need for curtains or blinds, and can keep the room clean.

Considering these changes in the Japanese office, PDLC crystal magic film and glass using instant dimming film can be used in meeting rooms or executive rooms, to create workspaces that are open, sophisticated and integrated with the modern office environment. The switching speed of PDLC Crystal Magic Film is 0.1 seconds or less, and the appearance of the glass is instantly changed from opaque to transparent, the HAZE value at the time of transparency is 2%, which is highly transparent, so it is smart, high-end, and surprisingly different.

Why choose PDLC Crystal Magic Film

【One of the longest-established manufacturers in the industry】
Crystal Magic Film has been manufactured by one of the longest-established manufacturers in the industry since 1998, and we are still working to further improve the stability and quality of the film, making it the best in the world. We are proud of product stability.

【High Quality and Durability】
Crystal Magic Film is used by government agencies, the car industry and railways in 40 countries around the world.
The know-how accumulated over the years provides solutions to durability problems that other new equivalents could not solve.

【Short delivery time】
As the market for instant dimming film and instant dimming laminated glass expands, it becomes more and more important to deliver products in a timely fashion.
Crystal Magic Film and Crystal Magic Glass are fully packaged so that products can be delivered to customers as soon as possible.

  • We posted a special studio construction of Japanese TV drama. Its title is "Woman of Kasoken" and broadcast October 2022.
    You can see our construction result from the blind effects’s page, please have a look.
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    We look forward to working with you in the future.
  • If you are thinking of introducing a dimming film, go to Crystal Magic Film. If you are looking for a manufacturer that sells dimming film, please contact Crystal Magic Film.
    Sales and construction of glass films that are effective against earthquakes with; shatterproof glass, excellent heat-shielding, UV-block, and energy-saving benefits. We focus on using high-performance crystal magic glass, which transforms frosted glass to transparent at the flick of a switch.
    Since we do the construction in-house, we offer it at a lower price than our competitors, and we have received high praise from our clients.
    We also carry out construction in Japan, so we have a wealth of knowledge about photochromic films. We also sell just the materials overseas.
    If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

Sales and construction of instant dimming film and glass to Crystal Magic Film

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